Saturday, August 29, 2009

prefects KTV outing + yinyin burfday celebration

Date: 21st august 2009 (yinyin n kavi b/day, 1 day b4 my b/day)
venue: greenbox Aeon bkt tinggi
event: prefects ktv outing
objective: outing, gathering, stress-releasing, syok sendiri-ing,celebrating yinyin b/day n mine
warning:video in low quality....n i m waithing to sum1 2 come out wif epic things( eg: waz) to write an interesting story line for dis event due to my laziness n un-pro-ness.....jz to update d blog by adding dis video so dat our dear viewer ( such as Mr/ms anonymous) wont feel bored visit here :p...critisize all u want of our singing...but gonna tell u...dis is us ,as d way v truly ourselves n enjoying evry moment v shared!

wif a lil laziness,


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Senarai Ahli Jawatankuasa Tahun 2010 Badan Pengawas Bersatu STAR

Ketua Pengawas: Logeswaran
P. Ketua Pengawas 1: Ng Kai Shin
P. Ketua Pengawas 2: Tan Lee Kiong

Setiausaha: Aziana
P. Setiausaha 1: Fawwaz
P. Setiausaha 2: Joey Lim Gek Yee

Bendahari: Zhi Cong
P. Bendahari 1: Elilarasi
P. Bendahari 2: Ilamaaran

Ketua Sumber Manusia: Aparna
P. Ketua Sumber Manusia 1: New Jo-Shua
P. Ketua Sumber Manusia 2: Yap Ee-Wern

Ketua Disiplin: Low Yin Lee
P. Ketua Disiplin 1: Muhammad Amirul
P. Ketua Disiplin 2: Girrja

Ketua Penyelaras Tugas: Choo Wei Tse

Ketua Kantin: Abirami
P. Ketua Kantin 1: Shangeetha
P. Ketua Kantin 2: Gaanesh

Ketua Blok: Sarvesh
P. Ketua Blok: Kaviarasan

Ketua Perhimpunan: Siti Sarah
P. Ketua Perhimpunan 1: Darshan
P. Ketua Perhimpunan 2: Tan Rhu Yee

Ketua Kebersihan: Goh Aik Leng
P. Ketua Kebersihan 1: Nalini
P. Ketua Kebersihan 2: Ku Li Wen

Editor: Goh Ching Yin
P. Editor: Ching Siew Choo Clarissa

Setiausaha Jawatankuasa Disiplin
1: Ku Aishahtul
2: Jonathan Leong Choon Kiat
3: Koh Zhi Yang

Setiausaha Jawatankuasa Borang Kawalan Kelas
1: Khoo Yin Yin
2: Davinna
3: Fu Li Sze

1. Aparna
2. Jo-Shua
3. Gerard
4. Kai Shin
5. Logeswaran
6. Lee Kiong
7. Ee-Wern
8. Mandeep
9. Thaventhran
10. Girrja
11. Karthik
12. Tiong Wee
13. Joey Lim
14. Aishahtul
15. Rajwin
16. Priiya

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Friendship isn't always easily described. The Eskimos, they say, have a hundred different words for snow. Unfortunately, the English language isn't quite as innovative, though it has vast opportunities to differentiate meaning. Certainly, Love is one of those opportunities. And so, too, is Friendship.

Instead of different words, however, we're stuck with simple adjectives. Close friend. Best friend. Childhood friend. Intimate friend. Trusted friend. Beloved friend.

Friends are special people. We can't pick our family, and we're sorely limited in the number of them at any rate. Our friends, in a very real sense, reflect the choices we make in life.A true friendship that lasts throughout the years is rare indeed, and to be treasured as a priceless gift.

We all need someone
To talk to in our life,
A friend to whom we run
In times of stress or strife

A friend who's always there
Throughout the years,
A friend we know will care
And take away our fears.

A friend who's always near,
Waiting for our call,
To wipe away our tears,
And lift us when we fall.

A loving friend indeed,
On whom we can depend
To fulfill our every need
Thank you, precious friend

Friday, August 21, 2009


Well, I do not know exactly how many people know of this site but here goes:

There is a meeting for ALL committee board members on this Wednesday (26/8/2009) in STAR Klang school.

Hope you guys inform those that do not know.


Please DO inform them regardless they already know or not.

Thanks again.



Wednesday, August 19, 2009



How do we achieve the thing called "UNITY" within our organisation?

. . .


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Majlis Perpisahan Pengawas 2009

Well, I hope everyone enjoyed this annual memorable event!

Wait, was it memorable?


Just so you guys know, this is the first event I help organised.

So, there are bound to have errors here and there.

I do hope YOU will come up to me and be outright about anything you are not satisfied with this event.

Like, let's say you don't like the food, just come up to me and say "What the heck man. The food sucks to the max." OR something like that.

Anyway, I will use this post to do the credits for this event (although Fawwaz already did it, let me complete it for him okay?) ^^

First up, thanks a lot to Logeswaran as the project manager for handling all the affairs with the teachers. Thanks to you, we get the the approval to run this event so fast. I'm really sorry for stepping in your job sometimes at that time. Do forgive me k? I promise I won't do it again!
Good luck and I'll always be at your back supporting you Mr. Head Prefect.

Second is to Kai Shin (assistant project manager). Honestly saying, your first impression sucks! I didn't really liked you when we first met (during the probation period). But after working with you and giving myself a chance to know you well, I think I kinda like you after all (not THAT like k? Don't misunderstand...) Thanks to you who is a worrywart to make sure this event run smoothly, everything DID run smoothly. Well, almost everything. And like I said to Loges, Good luck and I'll always be at your back supporting you Mrs (or Madame?) Timbalan 1.

Third of course goes to Lee Kiong (hall manager). Why do you always look so sleepy? Anyway, thanks to you, we got a place to run this event. Although many of us do NOT really agree with the place at KEC, you did MANAGED to book the place so fast. AND it was at a RM0 cost for the rent! BUT, the food sucks! Really sucks man! (Damn, I'm being too harsh on myself....)

And then, to Zhi Cong (assistant hall manager). Many people thinks you do nothing. Do not socialise and so on. Be warned people. This is one person you can say "Diam-diam ubi berisi diam-diam besi berkarat"! He is damn clever but crooked. You know-lah with people who are so clever. They tend to have a few lose screw here and there (just kidding!). But, he is a very socialable guy. That is, once you get to know him. Anyway, without you, we wouldn't have had the certificates for the seniors. Nor the proposal letter done and a lot of printing stuff and things here and there you contributed. Most of all, thanks to you for helping to make the event run smoothly.

Next goes to the 3 beautiful secretaries:
  • Elilarasi
  • Joey Lim
  • Fu Li Sze (I never knew you could dance like that you naughty girl!)
Thanks to all three of them, all the paperworks were done perfectly. Well, although some of the paperwork was done by Zhi Cong and myself due to the fact with some mistakes and we had to get it done immediately with none of you gals in sight, you guys did an amazing job with the paperworks! Thanks a lot!

Then, to the 3 gentlemen (in charge of money handling- treasuerer and sponsor)
  • Tiong Wee
  • Brandon Khoo
  • Ilamaaran
Without you 3, I could not have been able to book the hall (since the booking the hall need money. What doesn't?) And thanks to your hardwork, money wasn't really a problem. Since the sponsorship we got for this event was so much! Thanks!

Next goes to the MASTERS:
  • Girrja
  • Fawwaz
Well, was it fun being the master of ceremony? Without you 2, how would we be able to coordinate this event on D-day? Thanks to your hardwork on that day although the speeches were boring! Thanks a lot!

And now is to the Usherers:
  • Thashene
  • Aishahtul
  • Mayure (signed up on D-day)
Thanks to you 3 beautiful LOUD ladies, the front door was damn noisy! Thanks to you 3, the seniors and everyone else "managed" to find their way to the hall. Honestly, thanks to you 3, all we lack is just a red carpet.

To the gifts and souvenirs!
  • Abirami
  • Clarissa
  • Wei Tse
Thanks to your hardwork, we managed to present such a memorable souvenirs to the seniors! Don't you(seniors) think so too? And thanks to you gals, the door gift was damn useful! Who knows I would have to use the pen they give at the entrance (yeah, the cheap-looking ones but damn great in writing) would be the one I use throughout the event for any writings. Such as written complaints to KEC and message passing and etc, etc. Thanks a lot!

Not forgetting the invitation and brochures section:
  • Aik Leng
  • Girrja (See? So much work too little people!)
  • Ching Yin
Thanks to you, we managed to send the invitation to the teachers fast! Although some things happen to the invitation cards but that is over! And to the beautiful event list on that day! Simply simple and amazing! Hand written! That just shows the amount of effort you guys put into helping this event to be succesfull. Thanks a lot!

Thanks to:
  • Siti Sarah
  • Thaventran
How was the slideshow and video? Did it entertained you guys when you all were eating? I know it did entertained me. And it all was a reality specially thanks to both of them! - the slideshow and photos section! How would the event be without both of you.

Ah, the registration:
  • Ee-Wern
  • Kaviarasan
Ee-Wern in her red dress and Kavi in his gentlemen black suit. Thanks for staying out outside till so late although I KNOW you guys were hungry and thristy. Thanks for being so friendly to our guests (they were friendly right??) and of course, to ME too. ^^ Thanks for making sure the outside of the hall remained organized.

Special thanks goes to Aziana (performance section). Not only did she managed to get such performance in such a short amount of time, she also did a GREAT performance herself! Plus, thanks to her, about 50% of the sponsorship for this event came from her! Its nice knowing lots of rich people huh? Thanks Aziana!

And now to the entertainment section!!
  • Aparna
  • Joshua
  • Mandeep
  • Karthik
Without you guys, how could we have all those fun we had that day. All I can say is Great job and Thanks a lot! But, there are still lots more to work on. Thanks again!

Now, to one of the most important section in the entire event!
  • Yin Lee
  • Fawwaz
Thanks to them, we have musics during the event. Thanks to them, we are able to handle the lightings properly. Thanks to them, the event wasn't dull. Heck! Even Yin Lee wasn't able to eat properly! Such commitment! Well, they were the busiest person on field that day. Thanks to them, the event was how it was. Was it not misters AJK Technical?

All in all, it is THANKS to everyone that this event managed to happen at all!

If you guys didn't do such a great job, how else could this event run with just 3 weeks of organising it?

Great job guys! (and gals too of course!)

Lastly, specially meant for the seniors...

People come people go,
Yet nothing can compare,
To the piece they stole,
To the memory we had,
To the experiences we share,
To the love around us.

Should you choose to forget or learn,
The pain that pierces through,
Is nevertheless,
(Written by Kiong)

Thanks again to all who help make this event such a memorable event for me and you.



Saturday, August 15, 2009

so, i m extremely excited bout dis new blog that v owned together, n searching my files in laptop and finally found this bit taken from unity program, n therefore i uploaded it though its in low quality, jz to fill up the page as ASAP....any wif the pole dancing video faster upload it ok?!!

Majlis Perpisahan Pengawas 09

Or in short MPP 09.
Hi and welcome to Badan Pengawas Bersatu SMKTAR blog
Your author today is:Waz

First of all,it's an honour being selected to type/write for this blog .
Gwendolyn requested that I also posted my post of MPP here ,so that's exactly what I did .
Here it is~


It sure has been quite a long time since I've blogged.So,me being human,quickly forgot the basics of blogging.So if there are
any errors at all please come to me saying "Waz,wat the fishsticks la??I tot you can do better~ ish ish ish".That'll probably piss me off and motivate me to do a better job in my future posts.Another thing I would like to point out is,my GRAMMAR.Like I said,I've not been blogging for almost 4 months now and if there are any mistakes please ,kindly correct me :).The narration/story is purely fictional but was 100% composed by me.The "I" in the story isn't me.He's a fictional character

Ooh WAIT.One more thing.This post is not meant to be read with just a glance.It's supposed to be enjoyed and probably felt by the heart.I will try my best to make it as touching and emotional as possible.I apologise if any of your pictures do not appear in this post.

Well then,shall we?From now on.Let's all switch to story mode.

It all started one day.One fine day on the way to school.Being a prefect,I had to come early everyday and I was getting bored of it.I asked my father who was driving,
"Dad,is it worth coming to school early in the morning everyday just cause I'm a prefect.I was thinking of quitting you know,the oomph's just not there anymore.The '7 co-curriculum marks' was the main reason I joined the prefectorial board,but you know,since I'm a runner and all I could easily acquire those points"I asked feeling as confident as ever.I've been getting warnings from the head prefects and I didn't like it.Stupidly,I decided that I wanted to quit.

However,Dad's answer shocked me.It made me THINK.He said calmly with a smile,"Son,I don't think you're being true to yourself.I still remember the days where you would come to me with your wide and cheery smile ,telling me how fun it was being a prefect.How proud you felt going around in that striking maroon blazer of yours.You loved everything about being a prefect.The job,the friends,the laughter,the hardships ,and of course,the scoldings.So, why the sudden change son?"

I didn't know what to say at first.But I replied anyway.I didn't want to sound like I wasn't sure of my decision to quit."No dad,it's tiring.And the head prefect keeps bugging me with all her stupid remarks on how I'm slacking la,this la ,that la.Besides,like I said,the excitement is gone la dad...No more fun,the board isn't how it used to be"I said in an arrogant manner.

Dad looked at me and smiled.He then said ,"Son,this 'oomph','excitement' or whatever it is...It's never gone.It's in you ,sleeping.It's never waking up if you continue to act this way.Yes,being a rebel,breaking the rules ,slacking off.While these things might shoot your popularity up it's never worth it.Believe me.Son,I WAS a TROUBLED person.An outcast.I broke the rules too many times.But one day,my discipline teacher,Mr Yheng came to me and offered me a place in the prefectorial bored of my school.Now,I hated prefects and I thought that,that would be a great way to teach those good-for -nothing people a lesson.And so I did join."Dad paused...

"Yeah dad.What happened next???"I asked eagerly.

Dad laughed.,"Well..Those 3 years being a prefect were the best days of my life.I changed as a person.From an outcast,I learned to socialize .I gained new friends.People began to laugh with me.They even began to call me their friend..And I'd be lying if I said that we had no troubled times.Times where we were all down and sad..But together ,we managed to pull through.I do know today is different from the yester-years but son...What's truly important is how YOU feel."

I couldn't take it anymore.Dad knew.I was sad.Heartbroken -really.See a week ago,I got into a fight and got suspended for it.Quitting was a way to show that the prefectorial board needed me.It was also a way to avoid being called the "School's dogs"...

We had then reached the school.Before saying goodbye to me he said.."Son...Remember,what people say or think don't matter.What YOU think does.Do the right thing kay?Remember ,don't slack off "

I walked through the school's gate with confidence.With the oomph I assumed I had lost.When it was time to gather I shouted "PREFECTS ASSEMBLE!!!"And as I counted down from 10 to 1 tears began cluttering ....

10-The times of laughter

9-The hugs and cheers

8-The sweat and effort

7-The smiles and the frowns

6-The assembly and teachers

5-The taps and compliments

4-The honour and pride

3-The memories in the rain

2-The pain and sacrifice

1-The cheer,the promise,the


-story ends-

Guys,it doesn't matter...Where you are.Who you become.What you intend to achieve.
The prefects of SMKTAR...If you WERE one...ARE one..GOING to be one.. :)
The chain of memories.The ikrar....the claps...the obvious love.
We have it all..Call us school dogs..Some idiot would probably comment in my cbox by saying harsh words like
"F#ck pengawas" or "Anjing Sekolah" ..You know what.I won't reply to them.We'll be pissed of course.And most of you will.But guess what.Let's not stoop to their level of idiocy.Let's all do the honourable thing.Smile and say.Thank you :).Why?Cause THEY don't matter.Say what you wanna say.We're STAR prefects and we rock .YOU KNOW IT!!!
Now,let's all reminisce about the fun and loving times we had at KEC.But first...
Kindly mouse over to the music section and play no Boundaries by Adam Lambert :)
Pics commence :) p/s:Sorry if I did not include any of you.Again I'm human and pretty forgetful

Kat is "Observing" while the other 3 ..err......Let loose?

Hmmm..wat u all looking at?may I join?
Top 3 and Pengetua ...
3 S..No not coz it's their name.3 Shorties :p
Roy and Waz.Somehow they look alike

ROY and THE GIRLS.I know right!! lolMy Successor

Old Ketua,New Pen 1 :DMandeep doesn't know how to wear a tie..=_='' seriously man
Mr Low Yin Lee and the Cousins =D
Waz and Low..The technical bros
Eric screaming ..I dont know what he was saying though hehe

Izzat =_= he always gets the girls
"You see you see I damn tall"-Jason
Gentlemen of bpb...err Gwendolyn's get the picture lol
Emo part -Vitamin c-graduation
we were all emo hahah..ESPECIALLY Gerard and Sarah hehe
Some of the prefects cam-whoring :)
Again lol
Roses of bpb
Waz and beautiful roses of bpb
For world peace XD

what were we pointing at again?The perhimpunan department.Rockers!
In The End...We're All One Big Happy Family.
Darshan:Waz,why you so emo..Chilla.
Waz:Oh..coz I've no pictures left.
Darshan:=__='' this the end?
Waz:Oh...wait ..You kidding?It NEVER ENDS !

Here's the Mpp slideshow 2009 courstesy of Miss Siti Sarah and Mr Thaventran.Yin Chye..This is for you man

Part 1

Part 2

And lastly,the prefects song(Courtesy of Miss Yin2)

I guess...This is the end of my post. I know..Long huh :D
I Thank you for reading dilligently and patiently.
Remember..The spirit is still there.We just gotta find it

Special Thanks:She Chen,Yin Yin,Calvin Roy,Roy Ong,Choo Wei Tse,Fawwaz
Siti Sarah,Eric,Gwendolyn,Yi Ting,Izzat,Davinna,Darshan,Shamila,Mandeep,Vimalan,
Mayure,Loges,Lee Kiong,Lindy,Yin Chye,Joey,Ee Wern,Girrja,Tiong Wee, Jonathan,Rhu Yee, Wei Han,Elaina,Cherly,Xoong Harng, Najihah,Katrina,Justin,Xin Zhi,Illamaran,Ravi,Francis,Sue Szen, Ching Yin, Aishahtul,Thashene,Chiong Junn,Eleanor,Rubanyah, ;the list goes on and on..Lemme just make it quick.Prefectorial Board of SMKTAR

Very Special Thanks:Low Yin Lee(Mpp would've been nothing without him),Mr Yao Jun for visiting this blog,Authors of this blog and everyone involved ,Xie Xie Ni

And lastly I would like to say ...Badan Pengawas Bersatu SMKTAR Semoga Maju Jaya..
And to those leaving...Goodbyes are hard.I mean it.But...We'll always be friends..Forever.
May we stick together through thick and thin .
Memories together ,we shall never forget .
Let us work hand in hand to get through the toughest of times and laugh together to indulge in lovely moments.Precious moments that can only be gained by becoming a prefect

To the form 3s,5s and 6s who are taking exams we wish you Good Luck..
P/s:Sorry if I did not mention anyone's name

Till Then,Fawwaz signing out~
Bye bee~

MPP Slideshow

Friday, August 14, 2009

u guys damn cekap....without staying bk after sch, jz practice for a few days, can said 2 b quite pro edi....

Prefects song..(mpp)

bersatu kita semua,
sebagai pengawas star,
berjasa kepada sekolah,
sekolah star yang kita cinta

6 perisai badan pengawas,
kita sedia patuhi,
peraturan sekolah kita sanjungi,
agar sekolah aman harmoni

tanggungjawab kita laksana,
tanpa lalai dan leka,
bekerjasama kita semua,
itulah budaya kita

bersatu kita semua,
wujudkan semangat waja,
majulah bangsa dan negara,
hiduplah pengawas star